Arms Around You – Swae Lee & Lil Pump & Xxxtentacion

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Arms Around You – Swae Lee & Lil Pump & Xxxtentacion Ringtone

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Ringtone Arms Around You – Swae Lee & Lil Pump & Xxxtentacion Free Download

Arms Around You” was initially a collaboration between Rio Santana and XXXTENTACION to be released on Santana’s Potions EP. In August 2018, Lil Pump was added, sharing a snippet of the song on Instagram. Maluma was added on the 23rd of October, replacing Rio Santana, followed by the addition of a Swae Lee verse. This track marks X’s first official collaboration with the artists.

This was the first release off X’s first posthumous album, 2018’s skins. “Arms Around You” was intended to come out on the 25th, as it did, but was leaked shortly before it’s official debut. 

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Arms Around You

Lyrics Arms Around You Ringtone:

Arms around you
Te amo, mami, let me hold you
Got me arms right around you, girl, ooyy
Good lovin’ got all around you
To make sure no one could harm you
Dale, mami, let me have you, ooyy

[Verse 1: Lil Pump]
Yes, she drivin’ me crazy (Yeah)
I take drugs on the daily (Ooh)
Pull out the ‘Rari or the Mercedes (Which one?)
Yeah, she got my heart racing, racing (Yeah)
Foreign cars, foreign hoes
Yeah, we got a lot of those (Ooh)
10 bands on my Gucci coat (Ooh)
10 hoes in the studio (Huh)
Yes, I’m going to miss you though (Yuh)
But I got a lot of dough (Brr)
Spanish bitches love to talk (Wow)
Put my dick straight down her throat (Damn)
I know that your baby daddy broke (Broke)
Take your wife backstage at a festival
Penthouse, 54th floor, let’s go (Let’s go)
And my hotel came with a stripper pole

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