Crew – GoldLink, Shy Glizzy

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Crew – GoldLink, Shy Glizzy Ringtone

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Hey, nice to meet, I’m Young Jefe, who you be?
Got my piece in Southeast, got her clappin' to this beat
She invite me to her crib, I walk in, she see my heat
She said, "But I live in the hills," bitch, that’s just the way I sleep
Stop that madness, I'm a savage, in traffic with MAC 11’s
Baddest bitch and she Spanish, I fly her to Calabasas
We get nasty, I'm her daddy, she know a nigga ain't average
Ain't nothin' wrong with fake asses, bitch, turn around let's make magic
I'm geekin', uh huh I'm on it, don't look at me like you want it, no
Tell 'em that we ain't stuntin', in fourth down we ain't puntin' it
King of District of Columbia, can't come here without a permit
This shit really a jungle, gorillas and anacondas