Plain Jane – Asap Ferg

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Yamborghini chain, rest in peace to my superior
Hermès link could feed a village in Liberia
TMZ taking pictures, causin' mad hysteria
Momma see me on BET and started tearin' up
I'mma start killin' niggas, how you get that tribe?
I attended Harlem picnics where you risked your life
Uncle used to skim work, sellin' nicks at night
I was only 8 years old, watching Nick at Nite
Uncle Psycho was in that bathroom buggin'!
Knife to his guts, hope Daddy don't cut him
Suicidal doors brought to me with no advisory
He was pitchin' dummy, sellin' fiends mad ivory
Grandma had the arthritis in her hands, bad!
She was poppin' pills like rappers in society
I fuck yo bitch for the irony
I'll send Meechy at yo hoe if yo bitch keep eyein' me