Issues – Meek Mill v2

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Issues – Meek Mill v2 Ringtone

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Issues ringtone:

Hit 'em with finesse, kill 'em with success
Nigga lookin' broke, give them niggas stress (broke)
Don't do some shit you know that you gon' regret
Reachin' for my neck, that'll get you stretched (brrrt, brrrt)

Poppin' all this shit, need some tissue
I can't trust a bitch 'cause I got issues
Young rich nigga so official
Neck so disrespectful, might offend you (woah)
Bunch of bad broads on the menu
Bunch of foreign cars when we bend through
Neck so disrespectful, might offend you
When it's time for war we send the missiles (brrrt, brrrt)