You Da Baddest – Future

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You Da Baddest – Future Ringtone

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Percocets and molly make you touch your toe
I keep the conversation open for my hoe
Snapchat that pussy, don't you take too long
Trampoline, titties, girl, they bouncin', yeah
All these diamonds on me, how could I tell you no?
You got one leg in the air, tap it like you broke
Sweating out your weave, girl, fuck that hoe
Girl, you ain't gotta leave, we gon' fuck this hoe
Percocets and molly's make you touch your toe
Been in this bitch so long, I'm going up a dose
Pussy got more murders than New Mexico
Bust it open wide and let that ocean flow
Money be the motive, baby, fuck them hoes
You know why you did it, baby, fuck them hoes
Tell them crackers "fuck 'em", we don't love them hoes
Th-they don't want no problems, baby, fuck them hoes