Kodak Black – Transportin

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Kodak Black – Transportin Ringtone

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Try to diss me
I need you six feet
She say she miss me
Then she went and kissed me
Damn, I'm so crispy
Xans got me dizzy
Ha try me I ain't shy
I keep that Glizzy
I was getting bent, yeah yeah french feet
What the lick read?
Baby, come and lick me
V12, how I'm ridin' in the 6 speed
I be ballin' on you niggas out of this league

Ain't gotta wait to make the movies, I be loaded
Why you out here drinkin' 40's, I just tote it
Still that same nigga in a foreign, but it's stolen
Ridin' sporty, actin' sporty, I can't control it