Issues – Meek Mill

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Lord, forgive me for my sins, used to pray to get a brick
Nigga icy like it's hockey, and I'm playin' with them sticks
He don't like me, but he gotta respect the fact we gettin' rich
Nigga threw a shot and missed me, threw 'em back and he got hit
Brrrt, brrrt
Went from public housing to a glass house (glass house)
Fuckin' famous bitches in my trap house
My main bitch fight my side bitch, Kash Doll
The only way to keep them quiet when I cash out (woo!)
What you doin'? Gettin' paid, young nigga
How you in the mob? 'Cause I'm made, young nigga
Say you need a job, come my way, young nigga
And if I point 'em out, better spray them niggas, bop!