Sauce It Up – Lil Uzi Vert 2

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Sauce It Up – Lil Uzi Vert 2 Ringtone

Category: Rap - Hip Hop Ringtones

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Okay, big guap chasin', big knot havin'
My money stackin', this shit extravagant (woah)
This for all my niggas them ones that be traffickin'
All my diamonds African, I might go and matte the Benz
I already had that bitch, went and got a badder bitch
Persian rug, Aladdin shit, Nice foreign hoe like a latin bitch
I could serve you (ayy), let me say it one time
Ayy, turn around, baby girl let me serve you
Woo, yeah I said that you wet like Squirtle
Yeah, walk around pigeon-toed, got the bird flu (brrr)
And you think you in love, don't wan' hurt you (woah)
Man I think that I'm done, gotta swerve you