Stunting Ain’t Nuthin – Gucci Mane

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Stunting Ain’t Nuthin – Gucci Mane Ringtone

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Stunting Ain't Nuthin ringtone:

Stunting ain't nothin' to me
Pimping ain't nothing to me
Balling ain't nothing to me
Popping bottles, that ain't nothing to me
Driving foreign cars ain't nothing to me
That ain't nothing to me
Look at this shit, it ain't nothing to me

You don't even know what I'ma do when I'm in the zoo looking at the zebras
All these hoes is some fucking cheetahs
Uhuh, they some fucking cheetahs
Throwed off, nigga on the reefah
I've been drinking, drinking, drinking, drinking, drinking
Hennesy going all through my system
Don't let your bitch be a victim
These niggas looking sad, I'm running round with bags
I'm into popping tags, I ain't even gotta brag
Money talk for me, I'ma do the money walk down Hollywood leave my name on Hollywood nigga
Your pockets looking brittle, you a rat Stuart Little
Ten thousand dollar outfit, she can tell I'm a rich nigga
Came out my momma like a boss
Got these hoes singing Diana Ross
Making big moves constantly
EA need to sponsor me