Guala – G-Eazy

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Guala – G-Eazy Ringtone

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Me and Carnage, we don't lose
I don't chase, I go choose
I drink water, I drink booze
Fresh clothes, new shoes
Aw this shit is [?]
Get money out a bitch is my J-O-B
I just smoke, drink, stay lowkey
God damn these bitches stay on G
I'm baffled the fuck boy that hate on me
I give the game that they don't see
If they know me, they don't pay no fee
I'm the weather channel man at KOD
It's lit like a matchbook
If she [?] with an [?]
And if I take her out in front of you
She comin', she don't come with you
Mmm, that's a bad look

Yeah, yeah, I'm gassin', woah
You ain't 'bout that action, no, woah
Yeah, yeah I'm 'laxin', woah
Your bitch is cashin'