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[Verse 1: Eminem]
Why are expectations so high? Is it the bar I set?
My arms, I stretch, but I can’t reach
A far cry from it, or it's in my grasp, but as
Soon as I grab, squeeze
I lose my grip like the flyin' trapeze
Into the dark I plummet, now the sky’s blackening
I know the mark's high, butter–
flies rip apart my stomach
Knowin' that no matter what bars I come with
You're gonna harp, gripe, and
That's a hard Vicodin to swallow, so I scrap these
As pressure increases like khakis
I feel the ice cracking, because—

[Chorus: Beyoncé & Eminem]
I walk on water
But I ain't no Jesus
(It's the curse of the— it's the curse of the—)
I walk on water (Shit)
But only when it freezes