Major Lazer – Know No Better

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Major Lazer – Know No Better Ringtone

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Drop top on the whip (drop top)
Dab of ranch on the chips (dab)
Ice cream gave her chills (ice cream)
Too much cash pay the bills
I make her ride Mercedes (skrr skrr)
I can afford the latest (yeah)
Baby ignore the ratings (ignore 'em)
Cause pull up, we pump up, we raging
We know no better (no)
Stack my bread up (stack)
Don't get fed up (nope)
Ain't gonna let up (yeah)
You told me to shut up (shut up)
But I'ma do better (huh?)
It's not my race (woo!)
Get out my face (get out)
Drop my case (drop it)
Which way? (where?)
That way

[Camila Cabello (Travis Scott):]
Yeah, you know no better
Say you different, who you kidding?
Yeah, you know no better
Ooh, save that talk for the ones who don't know no better