N*E*R*D & Rihanna – Lemon

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N*E*R*D & Rihanna – Lemon Ringtone

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N*E*R*D & Rihanna - Lemon Ringtone Free Download

N.E.R.D. return with a new video and single for their new song “Lemon.” It’s reminiscent of older N.E.R.D. tunes with funky minimal production that’s bound to have the room bumping. They’ve been gone for too long so this is a nice re-entrance back in the game. Both N.E.R.D and Rihanna shed their mainstream pop sound for a more grittier vibe. The lyrics make use of vaguely political images while Rihanna makes a variety of car references.

“Lemon” is the first new music from N.E.R.D. since 2010’s Nothing (excluding their 2015 releases for The Spongebob Movie). They premiered the track on Beats Radio 1 following a surprise marketing campaign (see below).

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lemon - nerd & rihanna

Ringtone Lemon Download:

I get it how I live it
I live it how I get it
Count the mothafuckin' digits
I pull up with a lemon
Not 'cause she ain't livin'
It's just your eyes get acidic
And this here ain't a scrimmage
Mothafucka, we ain't finished
I told you we won't stop
A nigga 'bouta business
Like yours, but you rent it
Wave hello to the top
Nigga the Veyron glide
Tell the paparazzi get the lens right
Got the window down, top, blowin' la
Got the hazards on, only doin' five
You can catch me, Rih, in the new La Ferrar'

And the truck behind me got arms
Yeah, longer than LeBron
Just waitin' for my thumb like The Fonz
Woo! This beat tastes like lunch
But it's runnin' from veneers and it's runnin' from the fronts
But everyday, hey, wasn't lemonade
I was afraid, once a nigga graduate
Would I be okay?
So I prayed and I played
It's Rihanna, nigga
My constellation in space
Warp speed, Doctor Spock couldn't chase, nigga