Bhad Bhabie – These Heaux

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Bhad Bhabie – These Heaux Ringtone

Category: Rap - Hip Hop Ringtones

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Look these hoes be fake flossin'
Fake ass jewelry, got a neck rash (eww)
These hoes be fake ballin'
Tax money that shit won't last (bye)
These hoes be dick riding, think they gone come up cause they let you fuck (you a hoe)
These hoes be full of drama, they always with the extra
These hoes, they wake up, they beggin'
On the Gram, they be fake flexin' (why you lyin')
These hoes, they wake up, they broke (eww)
They mattresses be on the floor (haha)
These hoes, they wake up, they messy
They runnin' they mouth, they so petty (petty)
These hoes, they feed off attention (yup)
Zero time, that's what I give 'em