On Everything – DJ Khaled, Big Sean

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On Everything – DJ Khaled, Big Sean Ringtone

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I took my life and bossed it up
I took the risk, coin-tossed it up
I just left work to work some more, I'm still a workaholic
I done sacrificed it all, paid the dues and costs
Life will test us all, let's see if we true or false
I walk up to my fate and stare that shit in the face
Hungry for the competition, bitch, get on my plate
No mercy, no grace, I'm checkin' off my to-do list
There's no room off in the schedule
It's only room for improvement
And I realized all I ever needed was in me, nigga
S on my chest, boy, so shots can't even pinch me, nigga
No substitute for me, but they gon' still tempt me, nigga
God is in me, that's the only one who can end me, nigga
And we seen more blessings than a Baptist Ebenezer
My daddy says: "You got a good girl, she's a keeper."
Boy, I'm a Caesar, I see shit and seize it
Roc-A-Fella chain, but you can still get Ether'd
Yeah, they don't really fuckin' feel me
Man, but when you really run it they try and clip your Achilles'
I'm on track to a billi', I got Khaled fuckin' with me
That mean I got the Holy Key and got the key to the city, lil nigga