First Day Out – Tee Grizzley

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First Day Out – Tee Grizzley Ringtone

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First Day Out ringtone:

These niggas prayed on my downfall
These niggas prayed on my downfall
On all ten, bitch I stood tall
Show these disloyal niggas how to ball

Go get a thermometer for the pot, I need this shit cooked right
Let's keep this water 400 degrees Fahrenheit
You ever been inside a federal court room?
Nigga you ever went to trial and fought for your life?
Being broke did something to my spirit
Asked niggas to plug me, they act like they couldn't hear me
Look at me now, driving German engineering
You don't want your baby mama fucked, keep the ho from near me
Kilroy, remember I used to use your L's to hit the road
Hit the O and make them big boy sales?
Moo, remember when you had them green things mailed
With vacuum seals trying not to have them green things smelled?
Feds was on me, what you know about related through money
I don't know nothing, I just used to see 'em walk to the Coney
I fuck with bitches my body count go from Pershing to Cody
Any further questions, you can take that up with the lawyer
My nigga Fenkell, J Money, Brightmo Lo, Project Joe
Will tell you everyday before school I sold a half bow
How you think I won best dressed with no support?
And had them paid lawyers coming in and out of court
Aye Dwan though, aye Theo ain't it a blessing?
We made it out Kentucky after all that happened?