No Cap – Young Thug

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No Cap – Young Thug Ringtone

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Yellow diamonds like banana, that's cap
Put some dirty in Mello Yello, no cap
Rocking Maison Margiela's, that's cap
Red bitch, Cinderella, no cap
I can turn, pero
I can turn Pedro
Bad bitch out the ghetto
Eating like model
I'm bout to get better
Still trapping for Beretta's
Rolls Royce umbrella
Getting dome at Coachella
Yeah, hop out the coupe and titty fuck her
Yeah, free Bobby Shmurda, motherfuck the Rikers
I'ma lean back in the 'Bach, she suck like lolli-suckers
I lied when I said I love her
Backstabbed the bitch, like I'm Myer Michaels