Santa Diss Track – Logan Paul

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Santa Diss Track – Logan Paul Ringtone

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Logan Paul just released his Christmas diss track and it is lit! As he promised, Logan Paul released his Christmas diss track today, but he never said who is he dissing in his new song and now we know. You probably never thought he would be dissing Santa Claus. Yep, you’ve read it right, in his new single he is dissing Santa because he has been skipping him for the past 22 years and hasn’t received a single present from him yet.

Santa Diss Track - Logan Paul

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Lyrics Ringtone Santa Diss Track:

Oh, hi, Mr. Claus, it's me, Logan Paul!
22 Christmases, ain't heard from you at all
It's maybe 'cause I'm naughty, or maybe 'cause I'm nice
Or maybe 'cause I met Mrs. Claus and hit her twice
Sneakin' down my chimney, homie, that's a crime
Breakin' in and enterin', you just crossed the line
Got no milk and cookies here, boy, you ain't ready
Got a two-ton sleigh, yeah, we call it the "Yeti"
And, I heard that you from the North, but, I'm from Ohio (fact)
Christmas around corner, get your merch (link in bio)
"Uh, Logan Paul, you use your songs to plug your merch?"
Yeah, boy, I'm the Maverick, why yo' feelings hurt?

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