I Get The Bag – Gucci Mane

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I Get The Bag – Gucci Mane Ringtone

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I Get The Bag ringtone:

You get the bag and fumble it
I get the bag and flip it and tumble it (yeah)
Straight out the lot, three-hundred cash (cash)
And the car came with a blunt in it (yeah)
Lil mama a thot, and she got ass (thot)
And she gon' fuck up a bag (yeah)
Pull up to the spot, livin' too fast (yeah)
Droppin' the dope in the stash
In Italy, got two foreign hoes, they DM me (ooh, brr, ayy)
Drop the top when it's cold (drop top)
But you feel the heat (skrrt, yah, ayy)
Be real with me
Keep it one-hundred, just be real with me (ayy)
Eat it up like it's a feast (whoa, eat it up)
They say the dope on fleek (yep)