MIC Drop – Desiigner

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MIC Drop – Desiigner Ringtone

Category: Rap - Hip Hop Ringtones

MIC Drop - Desiigner Ringtone:

Playing that basketball, uh, we playing that a lot, huh
I'ma just get to the chicken, whip it then I flip it, then trap it all, huh
I gotta get to the dolla, all them haters, back 'em off (back!)
Smoking on gas a lot (gas!), ready to wack 'em all
Huh, huh, wack 'em all, wack 'em all (grrraa)
Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap 'em all, huh
This what I did to the haters, the choppa hit 'em, tell 'em back 'em off, huh
She like Apple Jack, huh, I like apple sauce, huh, huh
That's a boss, huh, huh, that's the cost, huh, huh (brraa)
Why you tryna flex, in your fashion off (brraa, fash)
Chain around my neck and her, soft
Smoking on that gas (ay), I ain't passin' off (smoke)
Asthma cough, fashion law
Stash it off (stash, stash), dash it off (dash)
Flash it off (flash), don't pass it off (hey, hey)
I'ma just get to the kitchen, and trap hard, with all my