Goddamn – Tyga

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Goddamn – Tyga Ringtone

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Goddamn” is Tyga’s third single of 2019, following the releases of “Floss in the Bank” and “Girls Have Fun.” The song will presumably appear on Tyga’s upcoming seventh album, coming after Tyga had a comeback in 2018.

On this track, Tyga describes his sexual prowess and his desire to have intercourse with a girl.

Goddamn - Tyga

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Ringtone Goddamn - Tyga Lyrics:

You a bad bitch, come and get your rent paid
Ain't got time for no drama, but today the day (Ahh)
And my watch gotta be presidente
You coming with me, I don't care what your friend say

Car, automatic, I don’t whip it if it’s average (Woo)
And my bitch got status and your bitch cause static
Goddamn and you niggas ain’t worthy (Ha)
She gon kiss on my dick like a Hershey (Mwah)
Put it so deep, she like, “Baby don’t hurt me” (Go, go)
Fuckin' rappers and athletes, she need a jersey (Go, go, oh)
Always in the club, I can't love her 'cause she thirsty (No)
And I'm watching everything see them niggas lurking (Bow)
And she in the backroom working, working
Fucking on my lap and she cursing, cursing (Ayy)
Nigga like me, I don’t show no mercy (No)
When it get wet, feel like I’m surfing

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