Faking It – Calvin Harris

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Faking It – Calvin Harris Ringtone

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Faking It - Calvin Harris Ringtone:

[Verse 1: Kehlani]

Pray to God, but I'm feeling like he's going deaf
Now when I lean on you and I got nothing left
Hey, I've been wanting to call ya, tell you that I'm sorry
Same old fucking story everybody sing

[Pre-Chorus: Kehlani]
And I say I'm okay, but I guess I'm a liar
You say you're okay, but I saw that you liked it
2 AM and faded, I know that's when you like it
Know that's when you miss me, know that's when you crying

[Chorus: Kehlani]
Why you, why you, why you checking if you're over it?
Why you, why you say "Let go" if you're still holding it?
Just a little bit better at faking it than me, baby