Don’t Quit – DJ Khaled

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Don’t Quit – DJ Khaled Ringtone

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Don't Quit ringtone:

You know I like 'em special made for me (yeah)
I call 'em and they demonstrate for me (ooh yeah)
Spent 200k up on that body, yeah
'Cause my lil' baby ain't for everybody, yeah
That's why I hit her with that upgrade (upgrade)
I told her, "Stunt, that's the upstage" (Upstage, upstage)
Everything up and up, babe (up, up and up, babe)
Out here ballin' like we upstate

Oh, I drip her down in gold (drip, drip, drip, drip it up)
She used to tell me no
But who could tell me no? Yeah
Just how it goes, she sees the O's (yah, yah)
And now she wanna roll
I hate to see her leave sometimes, but that ass on "woah"