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Filthy – Justin Timberlake Ringtone

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“Filthy” was the first single released from Justin Timberlake’s fourth studio album, Man of the Woods. The track, a reunion with his longtime collaborators Timbaland and Danja, is a return to his techno-pop sound and finds him solicitously singing about sex and interpolating rap legends Snoop Dogg and JAY-Z. Timberlake released the single’s artwork on January 3, 2018 via social media with the instruction: "This song should be played VERY LOUD." 
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Filthy Justin Timberlake


Ringtone Filthy Lyrics:

[Chorus 1]
I said, put your filthy hands all over me
Ya know this ain't the clean version
And what you gonna do with all that meat?
Cookin' up a mean servin', huh

No question, I want it
Fire up, everybody smokin'
Your friends, my friends
And they ain't leavin' 'til six in the morning (six in the morning)
Gotta chill, baby, you the coldest
Go far, put 'em on notice
You know what I wanna do, yeah

Baby, don't you mind if I do, yeah
Exactly what you like times two, yeah
Got me singin' "ooh, ooh"
So, baby, don't you mind if I do

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