Face To Face – Mat Kearney

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Face To Face – Mat Kearney Ringtone

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Mat Kearney has now revealed one tracks from his forthcoming new album CRAZYTALK "Face to Face" released Friday, Dec. 8th - both via Kearney's new partnership with Caroline. Kearney is currently on tour with Cary Brothers and the Fray, where he is "still trying to figure out the demographic" of his fans. But now that the album is "ready to be airlifted" to stores, it shouldn't take much longer to get that question sorted out.

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Face To Face - Mat Kearney

Face To Face Ringtone Lyrics:

How many moments did I trade in, for a fake kiss
How many chances did I forfeit, too afraid to miss

I feel your thunder pourin' like rain
Down on the mountains of all my mistakes
Rolling like rivers, running with grace
Into the ocean of your embrace
Your hand of my side, leading the way
Ten thousand horses couldn't pull me away
I hear the music, heaven has made
Oh when we're standing, standing
Face to Face

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