Five More Minutes – Scotty McCreery

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Five More Minutes – Scotty McCreery Ringtone

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Five More Minutes by Scotty McCreery is a new country song from the album Five More Minutes - Single. Scotty McCreery's new single "Five More Minutes" was inspired by the death of his paternal grandfather, Bill, who was Mike McCreery's father. The first time the country star played the song for his dad, he says it was emotional. "Ol' Mike McCreery, he can be pretty sensitive," McCreery tells Taste of Country. "First time he heard it, there was a tear. I think I remember just playing it for him, I was in the truck with him." The single reached the Billboard Top 100 chart. Enjoy downloading Scotty McCreery – Five More Minutes ringtone for free at here

Five More Minutes - Scotty McCreery

Lyrics Ringtone Five More Minutes:

Time rolls by the clock don't stop
I wish I had a few more drops
Of the good stuff, the good times
Oh but they just keep on flying right on by
Like it ain't nothing
I wish I had me a pause button
Moments like those Lord knows I'd hit it
And give myself five more minutes

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