Drug Addicts – Lil Pump

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Drug Addicts – Lil Pump Ringtone

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Drug Addicts” seems to entirely contradict Lil Pump’s early-year claims of being drug-free, but shortly after the song’s release, he reassured the public that he is still sober.

The song is scheduled to be included in Lil Pump's upcoming second studio album. The artwork was revealed on July 4, 2018, when Charlie Sheen tweeted the image on his Twitter account. It features himself and Pump wearing matching jumpsuits.

Drug Addicts – Lil Pump

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Drug Addicts – Lil Pump Ringtone Lyrics:

I ain't never listen to nobody (no!)
In the courthouse off of ecstasy (god damn!)
And your baby mama layin' next to me! (huh?)
After she just sucked me, I just told her ass to leave (bitch get out, ooh)
Everybody 'round me like them Oxy's (brr!)
I was too leaned out to drive the 'Rari (huh?)
Made her ass wait two hours in the lobby (thot!)
I can't go outside, 'cause I see paparazzi (chyeah, brr)
Take another pill, now I'm feeling better (ooh, X)
Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, yeah I'm a trend-setter (Gucci Gang!)
Bustin' all on your bitch, wiped it off with my sweater (ooh!)
I'm a drug addict, I'm richer than my professor (man, fuck school)

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