Outside Today – YoungBoy Never Broke Again

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Outside Today – YoungBoy Never Broke Again Ringtone

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Tryna hide from the cameras, I ain't going outside today
Couldn't find Hi-Tec, so I'm drinking on Act today
I'ma pull up in style, we gon do a drive by in the wraith
I'ma take it to trial, pray to Lord I beat the case

[Verse 1]
That money be callin' I don't do no talkin', so get the fuck outta my face
Gotta tech and a chopper, with a hundred thousand dollars up in the wraith
You know I ain't slippin', you know that I'm with it, I'll shoot him right up in his face
Three say that I'm trippin' you know that I'm drippin'
I'm wrapped in saran today
I just bought a brand new watch from God, I ain't put it on yet
I don't care bout no bitch, I ain't giving her shit, spend it all on my homies