Danger – Migos & Marshmello

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Danger – Migos & Marshmello Ringtone

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When one of the hottest producers in dance music announces they have a collab with one of the hottest acts in hip-hop, it's safe to say there's going to be some buzz. Marshmello's highly anticipated single with Migos, "Danger" has finally arrived and comes off the soundtrack to Netflix's upcoming original film Bright, starring Will Smith.

"Danger" is a hip-hop track through and through, equipped with brass instruments and a slide bassline, which displays Migos' gritty style moreso than Marshmello's bubbly sweet signature. The trio was able to nail the record's vocal in one take, according to Marshmello in a FaceTime interview with Beats 1 host Zane Lowe.

Danger - Migos & Marshmello

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[Chorus: Quavo]
Danger, danger
I don't fit in, I'm a stranger
Believer, believer
I can take out all the evil
Empowerment to all my people
I can prove to you I'm a leader
Run through the money, no Visa
Forgive me 'cause my life illegal

[Verse 2: Takeoff]
Searchin' for the bag and the prize (bag)
On a mission lookin' for them bad guys
Can't run no play over my head, I'm real wise
Look at his eyes, wide, think he traumatized
Take me as a joke, I'ma hang 'em on the rope (rope)
'Cause where I'm from, we don't play like that on our side (no)
Better not freeze 'cause we know you're gon' choke (choke)
Talk behind my back but your shots backfired
I know you tried but you never could survive
I see the fear that's in your eyes (eyes)
Run like Forrest, they tryna hide
They criticize in disguise (criticize)

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