Big Fish – Vince Staples

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I was up late night balling
So far from my past misfortune
No sleepin', late nights no eatin'
Gun squeezing, I'm a real Artesian
Ramona, I was round that corner
Still down, I'm a Norf Norf soldier
G slide right down Sawyer
When we slide, you won't see morning
Another story of a young black man
Tryna make it up out that jam, god damn
Bag back, let me make my bands, got plans
If you hatin' don't shake my hand
Take it easy, homie
Reminiscin' sitting in that Benz
Of the 22 bus stop way back when
With the 22, 5 shot eyes on scan
For the click, clack, clap
Or the boop, bop, bam, cuz