4 AM – 2 Chainz

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4 AM – 2 Chainz Ringtone

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4 AM ringtone:

4 AM, I'm just gettin' started
For my birthday I threw me a surprise party
Reminiscin' 'bout the trap, playin' the first Carter
My life changed when I had my first daughter
Got my first quarter flippin' fifty-dollar slabs
My nigga lookin' at the bills, askin' you for half
Cut from a different cloth, take pride in results
Anytime she wanna dip I'm providin' the sauce
You on side of the boss, so you kind of the boss
You keep playin' with me, I end up signing your boss
Drop an EP on a nigga for the free-free on a nigga
Yeah you ZZ on a nigga, king like BB on you niggas
Ride with Champagne P
If it wasn't for the struggle then I wouldn't be me
Call me Deuce or Dos, anything but broke
Got my aim from the scope, got the game by the throat, damn!