No Complaints – Metro Boomin, Offset

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No Complaints – Metro Boomin, Offset Ringtone

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I wanna be like Muhammad Ali (hey)
Hang on the ropes and I beat you to sleep (hey)
Taught to get money 'cause talk is too cheap (cheap)
Quarter million when you open my brief
Celebrity status so keep this shit brief (huh)
Draco by me 'cause I keep it in reach
Know niggas didn't do that shit like that boy Meech
That's word on the street, let me preach, let me preach (preach)
Listen, lil' nigga, sometimes you don't speak
Pull out that stick and I'm sweepin' the street (bow, bow)
I make a quarter million every week
She sucked out my soul, it's makin' me weak (woo)
I've been on Percocets for the last week (Perc)
Sippin' on lean, I'm sleep, geeked
Move out the way, beep, beep
Quit ridin' the waves, the sea deep (whoa)