Too Hotty – Quality Control

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Father God, Father God
I just wanna live life (life)
Lamborghini, loud pipes (Lamborghini)
Remember all the trial nights (trial)
Pull up in the Poltergeist (skrr)
Hundred thousand on me, yikes (yikes)
Shawty was suckin' too sloppy
She was too sloppy, I had to roll the dice
They think I'm 'lluminati 'cause of my profits
Pull up in Poltergeist (skrr)
You had a nigga that's poppin' bitch you got nothin'
Bitch, you ain't do it right (bitch)
Travellin' across the country
I been gettin' money, say you get who a night
Coupe make a bitch get a Kreuger fright
You was a bitch and your crews are dykes
I was born to be what I'm goin' to be
Raindrops on me like a storm on me (raindrops)
He look at my charm but I’m on to he
The devil keep tryna come conquer me
Smokin' OG in a Fronto leaf
Droppin' a deuce in the Pure Leaf tea
I don't got time for no foolery
I'm 'bout to go drop on some jewelry
I'ma tell you lil' niggas somethin'
Fame blowin' all you niggas money
Maintain, gotta keep a hundred comin'
Ain't no pain like the name with no money
I ain't goin' out sad for her
Learned my lesson with the last whore
Throw these bitches off the backboard
I bet she fuckin' for some cash boy
She don't gotta know I gotta landlord
She just layin' on the land, Lord
All these niggas, they be payin' for her
Pop a perky, that's a Altoid
Niggas 'round you be a towel boy
My niggas 'round me, they some cowboys
I'll bite a nigga whole style boy
Copy the flow, give it now boy!