Rae Sremmurd – Perplexing Pegasus v2

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Rae Sremmurd – Perplexing Pegasus v2 Ringtone

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Lil' Jxm', I got a problem
I'm in love with money, I'm in love with ballin'
Gotta keep my phone on vibrate, how these bitches callin'
Neiman Marcus' shawty and I ain't window shoppin'
2K on my feet, yeah, 2K, I be kickin' game
Bubble Gum OG, I'm smokin' on a different strain
Niggas stealin' sauce, they need to stay up in their lane
Baby, we on top and that ain't ever gonna change
Put you boys to shame
Pull them foreign's out
And put you boys to shame
Going hard on a bitch like Major Payne
Say my name (Jxm')
They ain't know how to spell it, so I put it on my chain