Press – Cardi B

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Press – Cardi B Ringtone

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On “Press,” Cardi takes shots at the media and how she isn’t bothered by others who judge her—she will deal with them accordingly. It’s the highly anticipated follow-up to February 2019’s “Please Me” with Bruno Mars.

The song has been teased as far back as December 2018, when Cardi posted a snippet of the chorus on her Instagram. On May 27, 2019, Cardi announced the song and its artwork would be released on May 31, 2019.

Press - Cardi B

Ringtone Press - Cardi B Lyrics: 

VVS chain, I'm in love with the rocks (Woah)
You said you gon' take it, bitch, you got me chopped (Woah)
They throwin' shade 'cause they see me on top
Tell that bitch to pull up, I'ma send you the drop

Press, press, press, press, press
Cardi don't need more press
Kill 'em all, put them hoes to rest
Walk in, bulletproof vest
Please tell me who she gon' check
Murder scene, Cardi made a mess
Pop up, guess who, bitch?
Pop up, guess who, bitch?

Ding dong
Must be that whip that I ordered
And a new crib for my daughter
You know a bad bitch gon' spoil her

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