Preach – John Legend

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Preach – John Legend Ringtone

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Last Friday, John Legend released “Preach”, a powerful new single calling for action to impart social change instead of just talking about it. This morning, he brought that message to Ellen with a performance of the track.

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Preach - John Legend

Lyrics Preach – John Legend Ringtone:

I can't sit and hope, I can't just sit and pray that
I can find the love when all I see is pain
Fallin' to my knees, and though I do believe
I can't just preach, baby, preach
Woah-oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh
I can't just preach, baby, preach

All I hear is voices, everybody's talkin'
Nothin' real is happenin' 'cause nothing is new
Now, when all this tragic, and I just feel sedated
Why do I feel numb? Is that all I can do? Yeah

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