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Rich The Kid posted a snippet of “Plug Walk” on Twitter on January 17, 2018, eventually premiering the track on January 20, 2018. The song was released a day earlier than its expected release date, on February 8, 2018 via Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show.

The track’s cover features an astronaut floating in space, performing a space walk. “Space walking” is the process in which astronauts on the International Space Station exit the station and perform. You can download free Plug Walk - Rich The Kid ringtone for mobile and don't forget sharing with your friends! Have a good time!

Plug Walk - Rich The Kid

Ringtone Plug Walk - Rich The Kid:

Ayy, ayy, plug walk (plug walk, plug, plug)
I don't even understand how the fuck my plug talk (huh? what, what?)
Pick him up in a space coupe, I don't let my plug walk (skrrt, pull up in a space coupe)
New freak, had to cut my other lil' bitch off (ooh, ooh, lil' bitch)
50K, you could come and book a nigga for a plug walk

[Verse 1]
You can't reach me (what?), space coupe like E.T
It's the plug tryna call me (skrrt, skrrt)
I was up trappin' early in the morning (plug)
Ooh, on the wave like a du-rag (du-rag)
Pussy nigga callin' for his boo back (pussy)

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