Pick It Up – Famous Dex Ft. A$AP Rocky

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Pick It Up – Famous Dex Ft. A$AP Rocky Ringtone

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“Pick It Up” is accompanied with a feature from A$AP Rocky and marks their second collaboration since A$AP Ferg’s “The Mattress" (Remix). In this song, both Dexter and Flacko flaunt their wealth and reminisce about old times. With the praised production by FKi 1st and Sosa 808, the banger quickly gained traction accumulating 1.5 million views in just a week on the WSHH exclusive video.

Pick It Up - Famous Dex Ft. A$AP Rocky

Dex revealed that “Pick It Up” is a departure from his usual form. “‘Pick It Up’ was something very different for me,” he told Complex. “Especially getting ASAP [Rocky] on the record is a big, big look for me. It was kind of different. I did it, and it took time. I’m more of a freestyle rapper, and more of a new wave. I’m not like a JAY-Z writer or a Nas, so I just go in there and do my thing. I go off energy.”

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Pick It Up Ringtone Lyrics:

Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up Groove
Baby girl watch how you move (What)
I got them Vans on my shoes, ooh (I do)
I pop a pill and I lose, wait
Speed it up (Speed)
Look at them diamonds they eat it up (Eat)
Got me 2 bitches, I beat it up (You what?)
They think that I'm wifing deleting them (Yeah), ah-wait ooh
Pints in call up Rocket, ooh (Ah-what)
My brother plug like a socket, ooh
Kick in this door, yeah I got it (Yeah)
Open the safe, you can't lock it, ooh (Ah-what)
Sipping that Wok, yeah I go to the top
Buss on yo bitch like a Glock, ooh
She like to suck on my clock, ooh (Yeah)
I get the money, don't stop

Y'know what I'm saying
Like, I know you like this beat too
But you a fucking goofy though (Fucking lame ass nigga)
Oh wait, ooh

Word around, word around, word around town (Bitch)
I heard this boy was a clown, ooh (Was a clown)
Swim in yo bitch once I drown, ooh (I do)
Calling my plug for the pound, wait

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