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Personal – HRVY Ringtone

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Personal - HRVY Ringtone Free Download

Singer-songwriter HRVY has released a music video for ‘Personal’, a track taken off his recent EP, titled ‘Talk To You.’ The video begins in a classroom and the whole video is based within a school, but it certainly isn’t your typical school-based music video! ‘Personal’ is an extremely upbeat and catchy track, with the video also featuring YouTuber Loren Gray. The video follows a story, whereby HRVY tries to get the girl – Loren. Near the end of the video, there is a phenomenal dance break, which is on par with the high-energy video.
Despite being online for only 24 hours, the ‘Personal’ music video has already received over one million views – which no doubt is an incredible achievement for HRVY!

Personal - HRVY

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Lyrics Ringtone Personal - HRVY:

Like yeah, she gon' mess with you head
Oh yeah, and she’ll flirt with your friends
Oh yeah, make you wish you were dead
Every time she moves on she says
Don’t take it personal
(Don’t take it personal)
Every time she moves on she says

Who else knows
All my friends are blowing up my phone
Somethings telling me
No, no, no, no
No, no, no, no, no

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