Patty Cake – Kodak Black v2

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Patty Cake – Kodak Black v2 Ringtone

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I'm gettin' tired of the Rollie, I think I want Patek Philippe
It's either I win or you lose, 'cause I won't accept defeat
And everybody wanna have the sauce, well I got the recipe
I'm sippin' on Belaire 'cause it make me feel like I'm on ecstasy
I left my baby, when I come home, I be rubbin' on her feet
And she be always in my chair, she hate when I be in the streets
My rims taller than my son, I'm 'bout to drop another one
You think a nigga in a band the way I hit him with that drum, ayy

I'm sippin' on Belaire, my chick from Bel-Air
My whip from Germany, I'm cooler that LL