No Complaints – Metro Boomin

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No Complaints – Metro Boomin Ringtone

Category: Rap - Hip Hop Ringtones

No Complaints ringtone:

Ain't no complaints (nah)
Racks in the bank (racks)
Fuck what you think (huh?)
We got some rank (rank)
Leave your ass stank (bow)
Robbin' the bank (bank)
Pull out the banger (raahhh)
You was a stranger (stranger)
We don't relate (no) racks in the... (rack)
Racks in the safe (safe)
Steak on my plate (steak)
My sons are Dons (Dons)
My bitch Amazon (bad)
My plug is hund (Offset, plug)
She fuckin' for some (smash)