New Light – John Mayer

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New Light – John Mayer Ringtone

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New Light” is a single from John Mayer and his first release in 2018. It follows his 2017 studio album The Search for Everything.

The song, called "New Light" chronicles Mayer's pursuit of a woman who sounds uninterested, or maybe just unaware of his feelings, urging her to give him "just one night" in order to see him "in a new light." It's classic Mayer: heartbroken, sorting out his feelings, and pushing 40 in the friend zone—his words, not mine.

New Light - John Mayer

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New Light - John Mayer Ringtone:

Ah, ah
I'm the boy in your other phone
Lighting up inside your drawer at home all alone
Pushing 40 in the friend zone
We talk and then you walk away every day
Oh, you don't think twice 'bout me
And maybe you're right to doubt me, but

But if you give me just one night
You're gonna see me in a new light
Yeah, if you give me just one night
To meet you underneath the moonlight
Oh, I want a take two, I want to breakthrough
I wanna know the real thing about you
So I can see you in a new light.

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