Lose It – Kane Brown

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Lose It – Kane Brown Ringtone

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Kane Brown has officially released a new single, "Lose It." Readers can press play above to hear the track, which he debuted on Thursday (June 7).

A few days before releasing "Lose It," Brown was teasing the song on social media. However, the country singer was dropping hints about the tune as early as March: An Instagram post from that month shows Brown at home, dancing to the chorus of the song with his dog.

Lose It – Kane Brown

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Lose It – Kane Brown Ringtone Lyrics:

That little ringing buzzing good for nothing phone in your hands
The directions to the party that's just started with that cover band
That old school radio station, let's just drive until it's faded
Girl, let's lose it, tonight

'Cause when you do that thing right there
Flipping your hair, baby, I swear

I don't think you know what you're doing to me
You got my heart skip-skipping a beat tonight
Close enough so that space between
You and me, let's lose it
The way you're dancing, swaying to the music
Girl, that body and how you move it
Every time you cross my mind
Girl, I lose it
Yeah I lose it
Yeah, I lose it

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