Real Hitta – Plies, Kodak Black

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Real Hitta – Plies, Kodak Black Ringtone

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I done came back from pissin' inside the Trump Hotel
'Fore I take it in, I got to catch me one more sell
Name saved up under Febreze cause she ain't got no smell
I can hit it from the back, ain't got to hold my breath
All these hundreds on me got me startin' to look like a scammer
All that ass she got back there startin' to look like a pamper
Pull up on ya ass with a bag just like I'm Santa
Plug name Julio but he don't play for Atlanta
The only millionare you know that wear Dope Boy Ree's
You ain't never fucked a nigga that had this much cheese
I'm just tryna run you crazy like they tried Kanye
Treat you like the mailman, make you come once a day
Have you ever made love to a real hitta?