iSpy – KYLE , Lil Yachty

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iSpy – KYLE , Lil Yachty Ringtone

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iSpy ringtone:

I ain't been gettin' high...
Well, maybe a little, baby, I don't wanna lie
I know when you text me girl, I don't always reply
Well, you're not an angel either, you can't even fly
I notice, you think that you know shit
All this shade that's coming at me, I wonder who throws it
They can't see the vision, boy, they must be out of focus
That's a real hot album, homie, I wonder who wrote it, oh, shit
Otay, pray them niggas go away
Always hella clowns around it look like Cirque Du Soleil
This is not the album either, these are just the throwaways
This shit still so cold when it drop, it's gonna be a motherfucking snow day
Aye, boy is good and he knows it, he don't say it, he shows it
I am just like DeRozan, if I shoot it, it goes in
I am in Cali just coastin', get 'em so wet they need coasters
I got a selfie with Oprah, I just ain't never post it
And I'm in my happy place posted, I ain't frown since '06
I ain't cried since '01, my pad like Six Flags and your house is no fun
You can come back to mine though, your friend ain't cute, but it's fine though
We gon' end on a high note