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How Long – Charlie Puth Ringtone

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How Long - Charlie Puth Ringtone Free Download

"How Long" is a song by American singer and songwriter Charlie Puth. Written and produced by Puth, with additional songwriting by Jacob Kasher and DJ Frank E, the song was released on October 5, 2017, by Atlantic Records, as the second single from Puth's upcoming second studio album, Voicenotes (2018)

“How Long,” the second single from Charlie’s upcoming album VoiceNotes, sees Charlie apologizing to a girl for being unfaithful. Charlie teased the track on social media in the week leading up to its release, and posted a video of the voice note behind the track the night before it came out.

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How Long - Charlie Puth

How Long Ringtone Lyrics:

You've been creeping 'round on me
While you're calling me baby
How long has this been going on?
You've been acting so shady
I've been feeling it lately, baby

I'll admit, it's my fault
But you gotta believe me
When I say it only happened once
I tried and I tried, but you'll never see that
You're the only one I wanna love, ooh, yeah

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