Getting Over You – Lauv

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Getting Over You – Lauv Ringtone

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Getting Over You - Lauv Ringtone Free Download

If you're going to be spending this Valentine's Day moving on from an ex or coping with a breakup, you're not alone -- Lauv is right there with you. "The lyrics are about the feeling after a breakup where you think you might literally never get over it, and you’re living with what feels like an endless cycle of self-destruction, loathing, and emptiness,” Lauv says in a statement. "It means a lot to me, so I’m excited to finally officially share it with the world." Free download Getting Over You - Lauv ringtone browse our top free ringtones download exclusively for your smartphones or mobile phone. 

Getting Over You - Lauv

Ringtone Getting Over You:

[Verse 1]
Running from the morning
Think I hit a wall
Late nights, not you
Running from the moment
So I don’t recall
Late nights, not you
Waking up in a cold sweat
Someone else in this cold bed
I’d do anything to not be alone
All alone with the ceiling
All alone with this feeling
And I wonder if I’ll ever let go

I tried spending my nights under
Someone new
But the truth is
I could spend my whole life getting over you

Yeah yeah yeah
Getting over you
Getting over you

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