Esskeetit – Lil Pump

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Esskeetit – Lil Pump Ringtone

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Esskeetit - Lil Pump Ringtone Free Download

“ESSKEETIT” is an energetic instrumental that carries an extended bragging session. The track features bouncy synths and intermittent spurts of soft piano, accompanied by classic Pump-style 808s.

The track is Lil Pump’s first self-produced track, originally previewed via Twitter on February 6th, 2018. On it, Lil Pump refers to his usual topics of designer clothing, drugs, expensive cars, and women. The title of the track, “esskeetit,” is a slurred pronunciation of the exclamation, “let’s get it.” It is frequently used in almost all of Pump’s music. Download free Esskeetit - Lil Pump ringtone for mobile now!

Esskeetit - Lil Pump

Ringtone Esskeetit - Lil Pump:

Only wear designer, esskeetit (esskeetit!)
Hoppin' out the Wraith, esskeetit (ouu!)
Smashin' on your bitch, esskeetit (esskeetit!)
Runnin' up a check with no limit (ouu!)
Poppin' on X, poppin' on X
Poppin' on X, pills (poppin' on X)
Got a new car, got a new bitch
And I got a new deal (yuh, yuh!)

[Verse 1]
Pull up to the crib like "what up, bitch!" (ouu)
Got a penthouse sittin' on my wrist (brrt)
And my grandma sippin' on Actavis (Act')
Got a lot of ice, and I'm cold as shit
And these bitches love to talk a lot (ouu)
Pull out the Porsche out the car garage (brrt)
And I never had a job (nah)
I'm high as fuck, took a trip to Mars (goddamn)
Ice on ice on ice (ice), took a private jet to Dubai (ouu)
Bitch, you better buy your own flight
Bust down smackin', no light (yeah)
And she show titties on Skype (yeah)
Smoke quarter pound to the face, esskeetit
Everything that you done did, I done did it
Pockets on swole, like it's 24 Fitness (yeah)
800 bands just layin' in the kitchen (goddamn)

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