Down To The Honkytonk – Jake Owen

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Down To The Honkytonk – Jake Owen Ringtone

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Country music artist Jake Owen's "Down to The Honkytonk" packs in the country music references!

Country music artist Jake Owen‘s brand new single “Down to The Honkytonk” sends its listeners into a fit of nostalgia. Between the steel guitar and nods to traditional country themes, the Florida native brings us back to the sounds of past country hits of the 1990s.

Enjoy the star’s energetic Down to The Honkytonk ringtone below!

Down To The Honkytonk - Jake Owen

Down To The Honkytonk Ringtone:

I got a house down a back road
I got a flag on the front proch
I got a dog named Waylon
I got a driveway that needs pavin’
I got a boat with two stroke
I got some ‘guaranteed make ya laugh’ jokes
I got friends in low places
Yeah, life is what you make it

I might not end up in the Hall of Fame
With a star on the sidewalk with my name
Or a statue in my hometown when I’m gone
Nobody gonna name their babies after me
I might not go down in history
But I’ll go down to the honkytonk

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