Dad’s Old Number – Cole Swindell

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Dad’s Old Number – Cole Swindell Ringtone

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Ringtone Dad’s Old Number – Cole Swindell Free Download

Dad’s Old Number” is the final song on the album, and to me, the most powerful. In “Dad’s Old Number”. It was written by Jessi Alexander and Chase McGill, Cole  Swindell sings about giving dad a call, even though you know he’s gone, and apologizing to the person that now holds “dad’s old number.” If you’ve suffered a loss, you know the yearning to hear that voice one more time, to dial that number one more time.

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Dad's Old Number - Cole Swindell

Dad’s Old Number Ringtone Lyrics:

Sometimes I forget these 10 digits ain’t my lifeline anymore
Every now and then, I dial ’em up
When life gets tough, or when I brave score
Sorry about the one ring hang-ups
Early morning and late night wake-ups
It was me, in case you wonder
You’ve got dad’s old number

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